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Daily Shout Out! (16/06/2020)

Mrs Burton’s Art shout outs:
Alfie Cooper for his inspired Picasso mask.
Amy Helyar for her inspired Gustav Klimt artwork.
Dylan Wells for his Picasso inspired artwork.
Bethany Walker for her inspired Keith Haring artwork on social issues of equality

Science shout outs:
Mrs Tracey – Samuel Walker for his impressive work on deforestation and global warming.
Mr Bristow – Joshua Stacey & Abbie Hall, both Year 7, for their fantastic Science work.

Food & Nutrition shout out from Mr Fowler to Chloe McKendrick for her delicious looking chocolate chip cookies

A big shout out from Mr Hornby for Emerson Higgs for being the first student in the current year 9 DofE group to attain the new ‘2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement’. This was a new award started this year to help students carry on with DofE during the pandemic.

Math shout outs:
Miss Miguel – Super well done to Dominic Atkinson for his work with circles, calculating circumferences and areas of circles. HE did a great investigation regarding Pi number, getting a really good approximation of it. Keep it up Dominic!
Miss Surtees – Tilly Sayer Elinor Rickwood, Morgan Jade Crook **** Extra special shout out, Jack Prentice, Elcy Da Silva Correia, McKenzie O’Driscoll, Ashleigh Wood, Ethan Griffin **** Extra special shout out, Rosie McAughey, Ellie Yates, Russell Bird, Sophie Caunt, George Day, Declan Kinsley, Ellie Lamb, Emily Matzk, Sean Smith, Steven Vogel, Caitlin Dale, Alex Kells, Cecilia Mendes, Ryley Moorehen and Katie Rhind-Tutt.
Mrs Ali – Year 7 Maia Cazacu and Luke Joyce for Fantastic effort in Sequences this week 🙂

Miss Thompson’s shout outs:
Amazing SAR essays are rolling in from Y7 – big well done to Emily Lamb, Skye Layton, Jack Heenan, Suki Judge, Katie Rhind- Tutt, Joshua Stacey, Sophie Hills and Ella Wright.
Extra special effort in History from Morgan Crook and Sophie Caunt. Great job!