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Daily Shout Outs! (06/07/2020)

Science shout outs:
Miss Johnson – Max Carrington, for fantastic food chains work.
Mia Welton, for fantastic extinction work.
Mrs Tracey – Lucy Heath for her brilliant Endangered Species leaflet.

Shout out from Mrs Bramley to Ethan Miller for his improved PowerPoint on Duxford Museum

Art shout outs:
Mrs Burton – Emerson Higgs, Sarah Graham inspired photography!
Mrs Mansfield – for fantastic art work sent to me last week: Niamh O’Shea, Abbie Hall, Callum Hills, Elinor Rickwood, Calvin Bisson, Aaron Whitlock, Katie Rhind-Tutt, Mia Welton, Declan Kinsley, Evie Pond, Ella Wright, Jack Heenan, Rowan Yates, Emily Lamb, Alex Kells, Sabrina McCarthy, Chloe McKendrick, Eve Ryan, Jack Moulds, Max Carrington, Caitlin Dale, Tily Sayer, Akeisha Odi and Dom Atkinson.
Shout out for stretching themselves and completing the art challenge last week to Mia Welton and Calvin Bisson.
Children’s Art week is a national programme that commenced 29th June and runs for 3 weeks. Week 1 (from 29th June) theme is natural World – Key Stage 3 had art work set on this theme last week and students could develop it further with ideas on the Children’s Art Week website if they wish. Week 2 (from 6th July) theme is Connecting across generations and Week 3 (from 13th July) theme is Literacy and Creative writing – there are many great ideas of creative activities children can do at home on these themes if families would like to get involved, just follow this link for something different to try at home.

History shout outs:
Mrs Mansfield – for continued amazing History work to Caitlin Dale and Alex Kells.
Miss Thompson – Very good study around the Holocaust by Olivia La Roche, Sam Cox and Lucy Heath.
Big shout out to Amy Helyar for her 12 mark History question.

Shout outs from Mrs Thompson – Great RE work from Joshua Stacey, Emily Lamb, Jack Heenan and Erin Smith.
For their RE work last week: Niamh O’Shea and Caitlin Dale.
English shout outs from Mrs Sherman to the following year 8 students for their excellent attitude to learning in English. Emily Allen, Bethany Childs, Sabrina McCarthy, Sky Robinson, Wyatt Godfrey, Joshua Budd and Sam Prentice.

Maths shout outs:
Miss Surtees – yr7: Callum Hills, Caitlin Dale, Katie Rhind-Tutt, Elinor Rickwood, Tilly Sayer, Jack Zhou, Alex Kells and William Kirkham.
yr9: Rosie McAughey and Niamh Watts
yr10: George Day
Miss Purdie – to pupils in my year 7 maths class for work completed last week on Hegarty maths using memRi. Rory Donnelly, Callum Hedges, Charlie Freeman.
Well done to Niamh O’Shea for sharing with me her work with line graphs, you did a brilliant job there! 😊
Well done to the following students for their work in Hegarty during last week. As a reminder: *If your score in a quiz is not 100 % or close, you need to come back to the clip and watch it carefully taking notes of the examples. Write a comment or drop me an email if you have any question that I could help with.
It’s important that you work with the clips that I set for you in the Power Points that you’ll find in doddle.
Super shout out to the students marked with colours, as they did more than 2 quizzes, in the corresponding topic, with excellent results. Keep it up!!!
Mrs Bates – for these students for fantastic achievement in the Hegarty last week: Lucy Freeman, Euan Foster, Shannon Howard, Emerson Higgs, Oliver Horton, Emma Shepherd and Harry McGuffey.
HegartyMaths Shout outs for last week 👏👏👏
Year 8: Poppy Saunders
Year 7: A big shout out to Billy Sargent for FOUR clips in a week 🙂
For completing 2 or more Clips: Skye Layton, Cameron Fraser, Max Carrington, Maia Cazacu, Jack Heenan, Jack Morton, William Simpson and Mia Drury.
For completing 1 Clip: Cerys Dunnett, Luke Joyce, Abbie Coppard and Connie Jiang.
Well done everyone and keep it up 🙂
Mr Hemming – For my year 7’s and their high Quality Maths work!
The Amazing Annaleise Davis, The Excellent Emily Lamb, The Incredible Isabel Clarke, The Marvellous Luke Moore, The Classy Clayton Speed, The Awesome Aaron Albone, The Humbling Kyle Hanson, The Colossal Chardonnay Vogel, The Super Sophie Hills, The Exceptional Evie Pond, The Brilliant Jessica Brown, The Complete Cerys Davies, The Beaming Bethan Saunders, The Clever Chloe Veneear, The Astonishing Aaron Whitlock and The Extraordinary Eliza Fuller.
The Accomplished Abbie Hall, The Stellar Joshua Stacey, The Distinguished Dylan Wells.
For My year 8’s and there outstanding Maths work:
The Breathtaking Bethany Childs, The Outstanding Olivia Keightley, The Smashing Sabrina McCarthy, The Esteemed Eve Ryan, The Perfect Poppy Saunders, The Celebrated Calvin Bisson and The All-Star Alfie Baker.
For My year 9’s and the brilliant work they have shown this week
The Divine Daniel Cubberley, The Awe-Inspiring Amy Helyar, The Spectacular Sara Mannaa, The Heroic Harry West, The Knowledgeable Katie Hall, ‘The King’ Charlie McGuffey.

Shout out from Dr Walker
Alfie Cooper for his great geography work, to Max Carrington for his ongoing commitment to English and to Joshua Stacey for completing his actions so promptly.

A big shout out to Mr Davids Year 10 PD group today and especially Danny Bennet, Calina, Sky Pim, Harry Hughes and Keira for their input and also the Quiz winner – Ben Fisher.

Mr Fowlers Food & Nutrition Shout outs:
Dylan Wells, Katie Rhind-Tutt, Callum Hedges, Alfie Cooper, Max Carrington, Jack Heenan, and Erin Smith for being the first students to send me their work on Washing up.
Also, a shout out to George Day for sending me his work on Primary Processing

Shout outs from Miss Moniz for the following pupils for their PE work which they submitted last week!
Katie Rhind-Tutt, Luke Rhind – Tutt, Jack Morton, Charlie Last, Alfie Cooper, Abbie Hall, Amy Helyar, Charlie McGuffey, Josh Pearson and Sabrina McCarthy.
Shout out to Miss Moniz and the rest of the P.E. department for their excellent online sports day programme and “how to” videos.
Shout out from Miss Webber to Tilly Sayer for her great PE work this week.
Calling all KS3 Students!
Welcome to Day 1 of our Sports Day Challenges.
The power-point with rules, instructions and any additional information has now been uploaded to Doddle, please check it out.
We kick off our 2020 Lock-Down EA Sports Day with Challenge 1 – Sock Up!
Please see ‘How To’ video by Mr Crook. All entries must be submitted to your PE teacher by 1:30pm each day along with video/photographic evidence.
Good Luck!