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Daily Shout Outs! (08/06/2020)

Shout outs for French from Mr Clarke
Alfie Cooper
Luke Moore
Max Carrington
Abbie Hall
Caitlin Dale
Cameron Davies
Lucy Heath
Joshua Stacey
Dylan Wells
Aaron Whitlock
Sam Cox
… keep it up

Shout outs from Dr Walker to Leon McDowall for his excellent work on “Call of the Wild” and to Katie Rhind-Tutt for following up on her history actions.

Art shout outs from Mrs Burton
Hollie Evans for her Keith Haring inspired artwork.
Lucy Heath’s crazy hair inspired by Gustav Klimt’s patterns.
Emerson Higgs crazy hair inspired by Gustav Klimt’s patterns.
Jack Heenan’s ‘ Tree of Life’ artwork inspired by Gustav Klimt.
Olivia La Roche crazy hair inspired by Gustav Klimt’s patterns.
Olivia La Roche’s Picasso inspired 3D face.
Declan Kinsley for his Andy Warhol’s inspired artwork.

Food & Nutrition Shout outs from Mr Fowler
Luke Moore, Lewis Chin, Lily Colledge, Olivia La Roche,Chloe Corby, Sarah Corby, Aaron Whitlock, Caitlin Dale, Lucy Heath, Katie Rhind-Tutt, Sophie Hills, Joshua Stacey, and Clayton Speed for their BBQ challenge work.
Mijana for her BBQ challenge. She was clearly keen to impress with both her food and her presentation!

Shout out from Ms Purdie to her year 7 maths class for their continued hard work and super work ethic last week:
Charlie f
Charlie l
Well done to Emerson Higgs for his work with ratio and harder problems.
To Kirusana Vijayaraj for complete the Y10 revision activity with wonderful outcome.
Well done to the following students for their work in Hegarty quizzes. The majority of them with a score of more than 80%:
Y8 – Beatriz Alexand Carvelho, Melody Hedges-Makowski, Lewis McCarthy, Jessica Melville, Niamh O’Shea
Y9 – Jessica Childerley, Calliegh Dodson-Roach, Euan Foster, Lucy Freeman, Emerson Higgs
Y10 – Rhian Bailey, Adam W Chapman, Mark Emery, Jake Keighley, Scott Leitch, Kirusana Vijayaraj.

Shout outs from Miss Thompson
Great SAR tasks from Erin Hipperson, Katie Gale, Joseph Osborne. Very pleased with your work!
Brilliant effort made over the weekend in Humanities by Jack Morton, Sam Cox, Katie Rhind-Tutt and Emily Lamb, Meadow Docherty and Sophie Caunt.
A very special shout out to Chloe Veneear who has written a FANTASTIC RE essay this morning. You would never guess this piece of work was written by a Year 7 pupil!

Shout out to Alex Kells from Mrs Sherman for his amazing English work.