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Daily Shout Outs! (18/05/2020)

Maths shout outs:
Mrs Blacow – Progress with Year 10 Hegarty Probability tasks:
Meadow Docherty, Patrick Hughes, Barney Humphries, Rosa Lomas, Libby Nash, Tanisha Patel, Finley Sayer, Jake Thompson, Samuel Walker.
Miss Miguel – to the following students for trying last week MemRi quiz summary, the majority of them answering more than 10 questions: Euan Foster, Ethan Griffin, Rosie McAughey, Jamie Stuart, Cerys Dunnett, Erin Smith, Bradley Marshall, Eddy Davies, Jacob Taylor, Sam Prentice.
A Huge shout out to the following students working in Hegarty:
Year 8 – Sam Prentice, Dominic Atkinson, Lucy Heath, Bethany Culling, Melissa Hutchinson, Bethany Walker, Maddie Reynolds, George Lawler, Lucy Thompson, Lewis McCarthy, Emily Allan, Casey Webb, Brandon Anderson & Luke Norman.
Year 9 – Millicent Wells, Callum Stableford, Euan Foster, Aidan Hawkins, Stanley Scotcher, Emma Shepherd, Mia Carter, Lucy Freeman & Luke Rhind-Tutt.
Year 10 – Bradley Marshall, Adam W Chapman, Kirusana Vijayaraj, Katie Wilsher, AliciaChilds, Liv Peckham & Toby Simpson.
Year 11 – Bethany Martin & Amber Sharp.
Niamh OShea: for her hard work with constructions
Ines Lopez: for her work with green pen to the SAR task´s response.
Dominic Atkinson: for his work with accurate triangles constructions.
Scott Leitch, Olivia Peckham, Kirusana Vijayaraj and Adam Chapman: Well done completing the Y10 revision activity, it´s ready to be marked and have a constructive feedback from it 😊
Ms Purdie – for work completed/attempted last week on Hegarty maths – Tia Brearley, Lewis Chin, Aimee Clark, Lilly Colledge, Cameron Davis, Charlie Freeman, Jake Griffin, Charlie Last, Niamh Matthews, Chloe Strathdee, Grace Tongue, Phoebe Willison, Ella Wright. Keep up the great work everyone!
Preparation for Post 16 studies: Evie French (Year 11).
Mrs Ali – to the following students for scoring more than 70 % last week: Oli Blanchard, Max Carrington, Maia Cazacu, Mia Drury, Cerys Dunnet, Erin Smith, Jacob Taylor, Yasmyne Bryan, Ruby Cheshire-Dunne.
Mrs Ali – to the following students for completing both lessons last week and scoring more than 90%: Sergiusz Dominski 100%, Luke Joyce 100%, Jack Morton 90%, Skye Layton 93.3 %.

Shout outs from Ms Hartley – A big shout to those Year 7’s & 8’s who completed their 6 lesson PSHE Home Learning Work on the following models;
Emotional Health – Bullying
Physical Health – Food Groups, Water, Vegetarianism, Exercise, Healthy Weight and First Aid and the quizzes that accompanied the lessons.
A big shout out to those Year 9s who completed their PSHE Home Learning Work for Mr Bissoo and myself.
Well done everyone!

English Shout out:
Mrs Sherman – Callum Hills for his fantastic English work.
Miss Taylor – for the following students for excellent English work:
Johnathon Smith
Euan Foster
Amber Sharp
Joana Gomez
Dr Walker – Max Carrington more high quality English work beautifully presented.

Science Shout outs:
Mrs Alford: Sarah Corby – excellent effort and attainment in science.
Lewis Wenman – fantastic effort and hard work on the elements and the periodic table.
Mrs Johnson – Chloe Corby for such a great science test result.

History Shout outs from Dr Walker to Tilly Sayer and Katie Rhind-Tutt for detailed and insightful writing from the standpoint of a historical character.

Geography shout out:
Dr Walker – Phoebe Willison for turning her geography actions around so promptly.
Miss Webber – Josh Pearson, Katie Rhind-Tutt, Reagan Anderson and Dom Atkinson for great effort in keeping up with their Geography work.

Miss Thompson’s RE shout outs
Excellent exploration of Hindu ethics by Emily Lamb, Chloe Veneear, Max Carrington, Alfie Cooper, Callum Hills, Jack Morton and Abbie Hall.
Thank you for good work from Olivia La Roche and Josh Pearson.
Wonderful SAR task from Maddi Enstone on prophets in Judaism – well done!
Very promising exam practice from James Ryan and Emerson Higgs – great job 🙂

A massive thank you to Laura and Charles our catering staff who have come in every day and kept our Staff and Students well fed for these past few months!!