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Daily Shout Outs! (19/05/2020)

Shout out from Ms Cartwright to Dom Benevento for his excellent effort with Joe Wicks this morning!

Science Shout outs from Mrs Johnson – Caitlin Dale for comprehensive elements work.
Max Carrington for detailed elements work.
Mia Welton for being able to work out which elements are magnetic.

Math shout outs:
Miss Surtees – Caitlin Dale and Elinor Rickwood.
Miss Miguel – Emerson Higgs, Harry McGuffey and Euan Foster for their work with Equations and inequalities review. They now know their Strengths and Actions, so they can focus on the needed areas when doing the response.
Bradley Marshall for his work solving quadratics equations.
Maddison Enstone for her project with data handling, really good presentation and understanding.

Shout out from Miss Taylor for Declan Kinsley and Euan Foster for their excellent work in English.

Massive RE shout out from Miss Thompson to Tilly Sayer who sent me 8 pages of fantastic work on Hindu beliefs demonstrating a deep and thoughtful understanding of new concepts such as reincarnation, karma, moksha and the cycle of samsara. Well done!
Excellent RE from Brandon Anderson, Sam Cox, Sergiusz Dominski, Dylan Wells, Jack Morton, Elinor Rickwood, Lily Colledge and Meadow Docherty.

History Shout outs from Miss Thompson:
Good History exam practice from Morgan Crook, Sara Mannaa and Ollie Rockall!
Great History work from Sophie Caunt and Maddi Enstone.