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Daily Shout Outs! (22/06/2020)

Art shout out from Mrs Burton – Joshua Stacey for his Picasso inspired mask
Erin Smith for her Boomerang design
Fenton Harness for his Keith Haring inspire artwork
Kyle Hanson for completing excellent Art Work!
Olivia was going to make the shard out of Lego, but she decided to make her face into the shard instead.
Olivia La Roche for her Land Art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

A massive shout out from Ms Hartley to Sara Mannaa in yr 9 for her outstanding English home learning on ‘Call of the Wild’, she is amazing!!

Science shout outs:
Mrs Alford – For brilliant work on the reactions of the elements in the Periodic table: Alfie Cooper, Dylan Wells, Lilly Colledge and Maia Cazacu.
For a truly inspired response to their SAR activity on GMOs: Sabrina McCarthy and Bethany Childs.
For excellent work and outstanding effort on the genetics module: Sam Cox
Mrs Tracey – Lucy Heath and Niamh O’Shea for the excellent SARs tasks in Science.
Mrs Johnson for Katie gale please- Great graph work in science.
Mr Schleising’s – Fenton Harness, Harry McGuffey, Shanice sinfield, Eve Ryan all for completing excellent science work!

Business Studies shout out from Mr Cook for Connor Melville and Russell Bird for completing business plans

Food & Nutrition shout out from Mr Fowler to Stanley Scotcher, for his delicious looking attempt at a stuffed crust pizza.

Shout out from Dr Walker to Alfie Cooper for ongoing commitment to Geography.

A special shout out to Frankie Impey whose goal for Stevenage U12s has been selected for goal of the season! Well done Frankie!

Math Shout outs:
Miss Miguel – Well done to Niamh O’Shea, for her work calculating areas of circles.
Well done to Emerson Higgs, for his work with Measurement. As I mentioned in my feedback be sure that you complement your work with at least one of the Hegarty clips.
HEGARTY WORK: Let me remind you that the minimum expectation for all students si “complete at least 1 clip per lesson”, that is (AT LEAST) 2 clips per week. The clips are in the PowerPoint that the students will find in Doddle. In addition to that let me mention as well that they are expected to watch the video clips before to try the quizzes; that would definitely help them to complete the quizzes successfully.
Let´s don’t give up now and let’s continue working as good as we were doing it! We are almost there 4 weeks more and we’ll finish this academic year 😊.
Y8&9 performed fantastic on their quizzes: Dominic Atkinson, Nina Green, Fenton Harness, Liberty Harris, Lucy Heath, Erin Riley, Shanice Sinfield, Bethany Walker, Jhared Avelino, Olivia La Roche, George Lawler, Niamh O’Shea, Joseph Osborne, Casey Webb, Isaac Trendell-Carr, Mia Carter, Emerson Higgs, Harry McGuffey, Euan Foster, Aidan Hawkins and Callum Stableford.
Y10 performed fantastic on their quizzes: Kirusana Vijayaraj, Alicia Childs, Mark Emery and Scott Leitch.
Mrs Ali – Skye Layton and Arthur Gore for giving their best at Coordinates and plotting points.
Oli Blanchard for his efforts on Sequences
Max Carrington for trying the SAR task
WELL DONE and Keep it up!