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Daily Shout Outs! (23/06/2020)

French shout outs from Mr Clarke
Evie Pond – for fantastic sentences on what she would like to do on a holiday … even if most of them were a lie!
Ines Lopez (for making an effort to ‘catch up’ and just for being a great language student!)

English shout outs:
Mrs Sherman – Alex Kells for his fantastic English work.
Dr Walkers – Jack Heenan who was the first student to submit work for the new English topic. To Max Carrington who has produced consistently good work on “The Call of the Wild”.

Maths shout outs from Miss Surtees
Yr 7:
Tilly Sayer ** extra special
Caitline Dale ** extra special
Suki Judge
Alex Kells ** extra special
Ryley Moorehen
Katie Rhind-Tutt ** extra special
Elinor Rickwood
Ashleigh Wood
Yr 9:
Hollie Evans
Rosie McAughey ** extra special
Ethan Griffin
Yr 10:
Sophie Caunt
Morgan Jade Crook ** extra special
Declan Kinsley
Ellie Lamb
Jack Prentice
Summer Warlow ** extra special

Shout from Ms Bramley for Ethan Miller for his power points on Edinburgh and Pembroke Castles and Glasgow airport.

Shout out from Mrs Larkins to students in com 4 today:
For their great attitude towards work:
Sam Prentice
Samuel Young
Ethan Miller
Joshua Pearson
Keane Thompson
Phoebe Willison
Oliver Prior
Ethan Sudbury
Well done everyone 😊
For the amazing presentations today:
Sam Prentice
Samuel Young
Joshua Pearson
Keane Thompson
Phoebe Willison
Oliver Prior
Ethan Sudbury
Great work 😊

Dr Walkers shout outs to Alex Kells for continuing to work hard on his geography.

Art shout out from Mrs Burton to Amy Helyar for her Picasso inspired mask artwork

Food & Nutrition shout out from Mr Fowler:
Aaron Whitlock for his sweet and savoury scones
Bethany Childs for her BBQ challenge – She made slow cooked BBQ ribs and they look absolutely stunning!!
George Day for his work looking further into the advantages and disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods
A shout out to Lucy Heath and Mia Welton for their work on Allergens.
A shout out to the following year 7s for their food safety work:
Eliza Fuller, Serguisz Dominski, Jack Heenan, Callum Hedges, Katie Rhind-Tutt, Evie Pond, Sophie Hills, Skye Layton, Maia Cazacu

Music shout out from Mr Edwards for Eddy Davies who has brilliant today!

Excellent exam practice by Eddy Davis and Oliver Horton!
Great RE work from Erin Huxley, Lily Colledge, Tilly Sayer, Sergiusz Dominski, Elinor Rickwood, Jack Moulds and Callum Hedges! Well done.
Special shout out to Jack Heenan who is working exceptionally hard across all subjects every week!