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Daily Shout Outs! (26/06/2020)

Art shout outs from Mrs Burton
Fenton Harness for his Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork
Isabel Clarke for Aboriginal art work

Maths shout outs:
Mrs Blacow – For continued effort with Hegarty Maths:
Patrick Hughes
Barney Humphreys
Rosa Lomas
Libby Nash
Tanisha Patel
Skye Pim
Finley Sayer
Jasmine Sharman
Jake Thompson
Abbie Thomson
Samuel Walker
Alfie Washington
Miss Surtees – Elinor Rickwood
Miss Miguel – for the following students that in spite of the heat, they were able to do a great job with quadratic functions in today´s Maths lesson. Remember that now is your opportunity to go on doddle and practice with the ppt and Hegarty clips that we learn today: Alicia Childs, Isabelle Hawley, Kirusana Vijayaraj, George Day, Michael Draper, Stuart McNichol, Steven Vogel and Summer Warlow

Food & Nutrition shout out from Mr Fowler for Ryan Turner
He has not been feeling well for a couple of weeks, but has been looking forward to completing the BBQ Challenge. He made Maple BBQ pork steaks and sausages for him and his family, which mum says, he loved cooking and eating.
I am glad he is feeling better now
A shout out also to Jack Heenan, Max Carrington, Aaron Whitlock, Abbie Hall and Alfie Cooper for sending me their Temperature Control work

Geography shout outs:
Mr Crook – Max Carrington for outstanding effort with his Geography work
Jack Morton – outstanding effort with his Geography work.
Dr Walker – Caitlin Dale and Elinor Rickwood for producing great geography work and work

Shout out from Ms Bramley to Ethan Miller for his work on the Catacombs of Paris.