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About the department

It has been said that if we don’t know what happened in the past, how can we prevent things from happening again? By studying History, students learn about the events that have shaped the past, and become active citizens in ensuring that such events do not occur again.

The principal aim of the History Department is to foster an interest and enjoyment of studying the past. Our History department seeks to build a real love of History. By stimulating students’ curiosity in the past we hope to develop their understanding of events as well as increase their ability to communicate ideas. The syllabus is designed not only to promote students enjoyment of History but also to allow them to build up the skills they need to be successful at GCSE.

History is taught across Key Stages 3 and 4  with a programme of study that aims to give students maximum exposure to a wide range of periods. A variety of teaching methods are used that combine the traditional with the new allowing the best learning experience for our pupils.

History is compulsory at Key Stage 3 and optional at GCSE.

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