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Media Studies

Media Studies is a creative and practical subject which offers students exciting new opportunities for high levels of achievement. It prepares students for any courses or employment where they need to communicate or analyse the communication of others. It gives them confidence in using specialist equipment and methods of presentation.

The Media department therefore has a range of specialised media equipment to enable delivery of the curriculum at all key stages. These include a MAC editing suite, digital video cameras digital voice recorders and still cameras. We use a range of Media software including Adobe Photoshop and Final cut pro.

Year 11 Course Overview

Students follow the OCR Media Studies GCSE course.

We study action adventure films, advertising on television and in magazines, children’s TV programmes and TV comedy. Students learn how camera, sound, editing and mise en scene are used to target an audience and how people watch and respond to the texts.

They also create their own films, adverts and children’s TV programmes using a range of software such as Photoshop on a PC and Final cut pro on a Mac computer.

Controlled Assessment counts for  60% of the final grade

Unit B321 30%

We study how Lucozade adverts have changed through the decades and write a 1500 word essay explaining how men are represented in the adverts. After detailed research and analysis of existing adverts, students plan and make magazine adverts for a new drink aimed at a male or female audience.

All the planning is kept in a portfolio and students then use Power Point to evaluate how they used colour, font, images, layout and persuasive techniques to target their audience

Unit B324 30%

Students work in group of up to 5 to plan, research, film and edit the first 3 minutes of a new TV programme. We study pre school programmes, especially those on CBeebies, and learn how they appeal to a young audience. They then take on the role of camera operator, editor, director or floor manager and spend a day creating their programme.

Again all research and planning is kept in a portfolio and the success of the programme is evaluated.

Examination 40%

Unit B322 1¾hours. 4 questions

Section A out of 50. Unseen moving image extract: 3-5 minutes from an  action /adventure film such as Hot Fuzz or Spy Kids.

3 questions covering genre, media language and representation.

Section B out of 30. TV comedy.  We have studeid Miranda on BBC1 and 8 out of 10 Cats on Channel 4.

Here’s what our students say…

“Media was probably one of my weakest subjects but after studying it for 2 years with a great teacher I am achieving my MEG grade.”

“I have tried new things and challenged myself.”

“It’s changed the way I watch films.”

Documents of interest

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