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Performing Arts

Studying the Performing Arts allows students to develop their communication skills, through Drama and Dance. This is achieved by building confidence with both focused individual and group work.

Students of Drama and Dance will have the opportunity at KS3 level to experiment in all elements of these Art based subjects. By exploring and experimenting with differing techniques and performance skills, they will see fruits of their labours in progressively confident and skilled delivery of staged presentations and productions. This will aid the students throughout their academic careers and give them the opportuntiy to determine the suitability of GCSE Drama and Dance when they make their course selections in Year 9.

At KS4 students who have selected a Performance Based GCSE will enjoy further developing their perfomance, communication skills and confidence to new levels working with like minded students who have chosen the subjects with an aim to enhance these skills and talents with a fully experienced perfomer and qualified, energetic teacher at the helm, who’s desire is to bring out the best in her students.