The Art department aims to:

  • To promote and support students within their exploration of Art
  • To encourage and enhance students creativity
  • To embed a broad and detailed understanding of art techniques

About the Art Department

The Art Department at Ernulf Academy is well resourced; it has 3 specialist classrooms, a ceramics room, darkroom and a dedicated exhibition space. The Art team are dedicated to supporting students’ learning at all levels, offering a wide range of specialisms from drawing and painting to photography and sculpture.


The Art department deliver weekly art lessons to all Key Stage 3 students. Key Stage 4 classes are delivered over the course of the two week timetable. The Schemes of Learning followed by students are structured to give a positive experience of the wide variety of art mediums, techniques and art movements as well as developing students individual areas of strength and interest. Students are set for Art lessons in mixed ability classes.

Special Events

The Art department’s annual exhibition of GCSE work is a highlight in the calendar to celebrate students hard work and achievements. A trip is run to London galleries for Key stage 4 and 5 students to inspire their projects, which is essential to help students with their research and development of ideas.

Homework Resources

Key Stage 3 homework is set online through Doddle ( or on a project basis for each Scheme of Learning.

Key Stage 4 homework is set weekly and is a key part of coursework projects for students to achieve their Minimum Expected Grades. Catch up club is held every Wednesday after school and students can be invited to extra support sessions to help them achieve their MEGs.

Key Stage 3

Students complete a different project each term in art. This enables students to experience a broad range of techniques such as ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, textiles and a variety of drawing and painting techniques throughout Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4

Art students follow the OCR GCSE Art course. Art is a popular option at Ernulf Academy. The GCSE course involves students completing broad titled coursework projects, and an Externally Set Assignment (from the exam board) which culminates in a 10 hour practical exam.  Both courses involve students producing sketch books of research and final pieces.