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KS3 Beliefs, Philosophy and Ethics

Key Stage 3

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”


Year 7

Introduction to religion:

This topic gives a brief overview of the 6 main religions and explores some of the key festivals.

Special Places:

A look at religious places of worship for the 6 main religions and their significance

Rites of Passage:

As well as introducing Rites of passage, students will explore birth rites in Christianity and Islam.

Faith in Action:

Looking at the lives and work of Irena Sendler, Muhammad Ali and Malala Yousafzai and deciding which deserves the Nobel Peace prize. Which has put their faith most in their action?


This topic explores some BIG questions and focussing on thinking and discussion skills

Year 8

The Problem of Evil

Through this topic students will explore the Problem of evil and identify ways in which Christians may defend their faith amidst evil and suffering in the world. They will then look at the Buddhist view of evil and suffering, identifying the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path.


Students will study the origins of Judaism; beliefs, practices and treatment leading up to World War 2.

The Holocaust

This topic will develop around the life of Leon Greenman and his experiences before, during and after the Holocaust. Students will have a chance to bring all of the year’s learning together as they consider how Jewish people can defend God even through the worst atrocities. They will end the unit considering forgiveness and how and why people may choose to forgive.


In the Summer term, students will have the opportunity to attend a trip to the Jewish Museum in London which will not only consolidate their learning on Judaism, but will also give them an opportunity to see the exhibition of Leon Greenman, take part in work shops and hopefully meet a survivor.

Year 9

Relationships and Families

A look at different views about relationships, marriage and family.


Exploring WWI with a religious perspective. What is remembrance? How did Noel Chavasse’s faith affect his actions? What makes a Just War? What is pacifism? How did the Sikhs contribute to WWI?


What is a miracle and what do people believe about miracles? We will analyse examples of what is considered to be miracles and examples of miracles within religions.

Crime and Punishment

A look at what Crime and Punishment is, with a focus on arguments for and against Capital Punishment by looking at the example of the Bali 9.

Medical Ethics

This will focus on Life and death issues. Firstly a look at Saviour Siblings and second arguments for and against Euthanasia

Animal Rights

Should animals have rights? This topic will comprise research and a presentation on the arguments for and against animal testing.

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