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Welcome to the English Department

The English department at Ernulf Academy consists of experienced and specialist English teachers in dedicated English classrooms. Classrooms are all equipped with interactive SMART boards facilitating a wide variety of teaching approaches.

We expect all students to make positive progress in English. Teachers encourage and support all learners to achieve their expected grades through the monitoring and evaluation of students’ verbal contributions, class books and the use of Key Assessments at regular milestones.

English lessons provide students with an opportunity to:

  • show independence by being proactive in lessons; defending points of view and sharing ideas.
  • develop their initiative by challenging ideas, thinking laterally and communicating effectively.
  • take risks by being creative and imaginative and developing their interests both within and outside of the classroom.

The English team are dedicated to ensuring that student experiences are engaging and inspiring. The department offers the opportunity for students to participate in extended learning opportunities through the use of competitions, trips to conferences such as ‘Poetry Live!’ and the organisation of visiting theatre groups and poets.

All students will be expected to complete Home Learning activities that extend and develop the learning which has taken place inside the classroom.