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Year 9 Pathways

Dear Parent / Carer

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Year 9 Key Stage 4 Guided Pathway Programme

Over the past six weeks, the educational landscape has been transformed as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic and it is our pupils for whom the current situation is of great concern. Last academic year, Year 9 pupils were given the opportunity to select some of their Key Stage 4 study options but with the ongoing uncertainty about when and how schools will be able to reopen, we have decided to take the steps outlined below to provide as much support for our pupils as possible in ensuring they can achieve the best possible outcomes.

We intend to provide your child with a full two-year GCSE programme, starting in September 2020, so that they are not disadvantaged by the enforced break from the high-quality teaching and support they receive on a daily basis at Ernulf Academy. This will allow the consolidation of all previous course content and give us the opportunity to embed key skills to ensure students can achieve the grades they deserve at the end of Year 11.

We have tried to ensure that pupils have a broad balance of subjects to study and for a significant majority there will be no changes. However, it is with regret that we have had to remove a small number of courses from the curriculum offer but we have taken this decision to enable groups to be made up of pupils from the same year group. Following parent voice feedback at parents’ evenings and the online survey, most parents and carers felt that their children were being disadvantaged with lessons being combined with Year 10 pupils. We have taken this feedback constructively and responded to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child.

All the courses that are outlined below will be examined at the end of the pupil’s Year 11 year in summer 2022.

Core curriculum
All our pupils will continue with English Language, English Literature and Mathematics (which is double weighted at GCSE).

All pupils will be given additional time on their two-week timetable to study Triple Science (either Foundation or Higher tier) which will allow them an additional GCSE.

Humanities and French
If pupils already study History or Geography and/or French these subjects will continue throughout Key Stage 4 for the next two academic years and we strongly recommend that pupils continue with these subjects. Together with the sciences, Humanities and a Modern Language are the subjects which make up the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) qualification. This was introduced in 2016 to provide colleges, universities and employers with an indication of a well-rounded education.

The information graphic attached here explains the importance of the EBacc qualifications. Please note that Computer Science is included in the EBacc bucket but it does not count to the EBacc qualification as explained above.

Additional subjects
The subjects outlined below will be available for pupils to continue with. For those pupils who follow the EBacc pathway, they will be able to select two of the subjects below. For those pupils who do not follow the EBacc pathway, they will be able to select three of the subjects below. A personalised guided pathways form will be issued via the Astrea App.

BTEC Business Studies
BTEC Engineering
GCSE Music
GCSE Religious Education
GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition
GCSE Drama

We have provided a comprehensive information booklet here. Please refer to this and feel free to ask for any further information.

We also recognise the importance for our pupils to have a strong working knowledge of computer operating systems in order to prepare them for the world of work in the 21st century. Therefore, in addition to the offer above, we would also like to offer the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) qualification. This qualification will be voluntary and will take place during our session 6 extra- curricular programme two afternoons per week for one hour each. Please follow the link for further information:  http://ecdl.org/about-ecdl

The guided pathways form will be available via the App, follow this link, and the deadline for submission is Friday 29th May 2020. If you have not already downloaded the Astrea App, please use the following link: https://bit.ly/2Qqvy3g  or download it free from the App Store and Google Play.

As with any other school related items, if you have any questions about the process, please contact the academy via email at office@astreaernulf.org

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Neesam
Vice Principal